Buckey or Thunder


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Hi guys, I'm translating the movie "Lovesick". I have this dialogue:

CHARLIE: You're calling me crazy? Who's the one with the clown fetish? [Charlie's ex-girlfriend says that her book about psychosis and romantic love was inspired by him. In the past Charlie thought she was cheating on him with a rodeo clown, which wasn't true].

JASON (Charlie's friend): Charlie, did you ever actually see Buckey or Thunder?
CHARLIE: No. Because women don't usually introduce you to the guy they're cheating on you with, or his horse.

I have a question, does "buckey" has some meaning? 'Cause I guess that "Thunder" could be the name of the horse so I can translate it. But what about "buckey"? In some subtitles I saw both words written in minuscules...

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