Buckwheat's girlfriend

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What does this bolded expression mean?
And once, when I was a freshman, I left my English book on the bleachers at lunch, and when I went back to get it, someone had put a note in it that said BUCKWHEAT’S GIRLFRIEND. I swallowed that, too.

Source: End of Watch by Stephen King

In this scene, Barbara is recounting her prejudice experience. She is a teenager black girl who lives in a good suburb and goes to a private school where they are mostly white.

It seems that this is a racial insulting term but totally unsure of its meaning and its severity.

Thank you
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    Buckwheat was the name of a black character played by child actor Billie Thomas in the Our Gang series of short films from the 1930s. These films have been frequently shown on television, and the characters are well known in the United States.
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