Bud Lights or Buds Light?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by RLesink, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. RLesink New Member

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    Hi, I was just wondering what the plural of Bud Light would be.
    At first I thought Buds Light since Light modifies Bud, but I didn't know if it made a difference that "Bud Light" is the drink's name.
    I asked a friend and we tentatively agreed on Buds Light.
    I'm looking for the proper pluralization- I know that nobody would ever say "Buds Light." (Well, I might, but I'm kind of a geek) :eek:


    EDIT: "Could you grab me two Bud(s) Light(s)?"
  2. GenJen54

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    Technically, the name of the beer is "Bud Light." As such, Bud Lights would be the correct plural.

    Other two-word names follow the same construct:

    Alfas Romeo or Alfa Romeos

    You can also argue that Bud Light is a compound noun and therefore should also follow the prescript for other compound nouns:

    For example, would you say:

    corns dog, or corn dogs?
    dinings room or dining room?
    motorcycles helmet or motorcycle helmets?
  3. RLesink New Member

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    ahhhhhh Well, not the answer I wanted, but that makes sense.

    Thanks Jen! :)
  4. panjandrum

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    Well you see, the problem arises entirely because the Bud people hadn't the wit to put the adjective before the noun instead of after the noun.

    I mean, Jen's examples aren't about the plural of dog corn, room dining, or helmet motorcycle. So if only Bud had followed the normal usage and called their stuff Light Bud, there would have been no problem at all.

    [And there would have been no need at all for this blatant piece of product placement. If anyone spots Jen driving around in an Alfa, please let me know.]

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