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    Καμιά ιδέα για την απόδοση αυτής της λέξης στα ελληνικά; (Anyone who ditches or lets their friend down, usually to do some generally undesirable task, especially if it is taking blame, exhausting work, getting in a fight. A buddy fucker usually takes a lot of blame from his friends, and depending on how bad the ditching was, may not be friends with the fucked buddy much longer.) Αν και η αλήθεια είναι ότι στην περίπτωση που το βρήκα εγώ, έχει κάπως τη σημασία του "καρφιού", αφού αναφέρεται σε κάποιον που κατηγορεί (σωστά) κάποιον συνάδελφο για βιασμό.

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    Καλημέρα, Andrious:)!

    It's not really καρφί is it? A καρφί betrays people, which is a bit strong for this context. Is there a colloquial/slang expression for αναξιόπιστος/κακός φίλος?
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    Goodmorning and thanks for your answer.

    Πουλητάρι is also an option, cause it's used only for friends, although it doesn't fit very well in this case. Καρφί fits better (even if he/she may betray anyone, not just friends). I was wondering if there's another, more specific, word, but I think καρφί will do.

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