budge up/over


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How would you translate this expression?: "Budge up/over" = ¿Échate a un lado = Hazme sitio = Déjame hueco?

I think it's informal, but in which contexts would you use it? For example, when getting in a car with some six friends (so there's no much room there)?

Thank you.
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  • Budge over, move over...

    Just as you say. Move over a little so I can get in (the car).

    In the US we don´t use budge over, but perhaps in the UK?

    We use budge as follows: I knew the cow was sick because when I tried to get her out of the barn, she wouldn´t budge. I tried to get him to lower the price on the jacket, but he wouldn´t budge. (Always in the negatively, strangely. I have never heard anyone say he budged on the price...only "he wouldn´t budge on the price."
    There´s another verb, to nudge, que quiere decir señalar con un codazo ligero.

    The guy on the train was asleep practically on top of me. I gave him a little nudge so he would move over, but he wouldn´t budge.
    Thanks a lot! I get it. I wanted to know how this verb was used. In fact, the situations and examples helps me a lot when learning this new kind of voc.

    And yes, I found "budge up" in the dictionary, and in Br English the meaning was: "To move, so hat there is room for other people". ie: Budge up a bit!