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    大家好! :)


    我想翻译这个词: "budgeted" 用汉语但是我找不了好的等同性. 在这个情况'budgeted'是关于一个人. 同意用汉语和英语是 : "budgeted: far-sighted, sagacious / 贤明, 多谋善断, 远见卓识". 但是那些词的意思跟 "budgeted" 不太一样的.

    谢谢大家! :D
  2. Angelsfavor New Member

    First of all, you have to say 《我正在打(字)我的中文履历》 instead of 《我正在打字我的履力用中文》。A regular ordem in China Mainland used, my suggestion.The word budget is a complicated word with meanings, especially in chinese. You'd better tell me what's your job, and is which profile you want to use it. So I can give a better reply to your question.
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    I've never heard of "budgeted" in the sense you're asking about, TheUnitedStatesOfEurope! Where did you get that meaning? Give us some real examples of usage and hopefully we'll be able to help you with your question.

    Angelsfavor, welcome to the forum! :)
  4. meimeifish Member

    Dear TUSOE:

    If you meant "a person with limit budget", I think you could say "有預算限制的人".
    Cause I just found an ad saying "Budgeted hotel for budged people" on the internet, and I assume that's what you meant. :D

  5. xiaolijie

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    Never heard these words either, meimei. What do "budged people" look like? :D
  6. meimeifish Member

    I don't know, either.

    But since he brought up the question, I was trying on Google to figure out the most likely meaning.
    I think probably that's what he wished to convey. (I guess :D)

    If my guessing was correct, the corresponding Chinese expression would be like what I have provided.


  7. phill84 Member

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    my guess is that someone wears h&m or jack&jones only and with no stylish hair :D
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    So we can only wait for the OP to clarify his question before we can provide anything useful, and until then everyone else please refrain from replying.

    XLJ, Moderator
  9. TheUnitedStatesOfEurope Senior Member

    Hej everyone!

    Sorry if I disappeared for a while. Actually, the first time the word "budgeted" used for a person has been brought up to my ears, was by my Professor of English, who is American. Somebody budgeted is somebody who always anticipate, likes to have alternatives in case of any setback, a far-sighted and sagacious person so to speak. After all, to budget something is to anticipate something too.

    Hope it was of help.

    Cheerio, chaps and many thanks in advance! :)
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    Maybe 会精打细算的人?有预算的人?远见卓识 also seems fine to me.

    But 精打细算 also means to calculate everything, including money, so when someone is excessively 精打细算 it may carry a negative connotation, similar to "mean, cheap".
  11. sesame_fr Senior Member

    d'abord, en chinois on dit “les synonymes” : 同义词。
    tu peux dire dans un CV:(我)善于提前规划(工作) :(Je suis) fort a envisager le travail

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