buffalo wings/chicken wings - alas?

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Hola a todos-

Quisiera saber cómo decir la comida: 'wings' o 'buffalo wings' o 'chicken wings'. ¿Sería simplemente 'alas'? Y entonces sería un/el ala, unas/las alas, no?

¡Muchas gracias!
  • GreenWhiteBlue

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    Alitas de pollo are, literally, chicken wings. However, you can cook them in many different ways, and it seems to me that the different methods of preparation would have different names. One popular way of serving them (involving frying the wings and serving them in a sauce of butter, viinegar, and Tabasco) had its origin in the city of Buffalo, and wings that are prepared this way are "Buffalo wings".

    If any cooked chicken wings are "alitas de pollo", how would you translate "Buffalo-style chicken wings"?
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