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I've been wondering for some time what Bugs Bunny says to refer to himself in the original, English version. I'm asking because in the German translation he refers to himself as "my person" (German: meiner einer) and I don't know why they should have changed it from "ich" (German "I") to "meiner einer" ("my person").

I don't know where else I should have started this thread.

Thanks in advance. :)
  • bellerophon

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    Although I can't think of any examples off the top of my head, the awkward translation may have come from good ol' Bugs saying something like: "I, myself, like carrots."

    In English, this is a common way to emphasize your opinion.


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    It would depend entirely on context. Without a direct comparison to a specific scene from a specific episode, there's no telling.

    I can imagine Bugs saying, "So I says to myself, 'Self - you'd better get going!' " In that case, the translation might make sense.
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