build out and scale out


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hello there
how would you translate this sentence""The key to reducing deployment time and costs during build out and scale out scenarios is the provision of mechanisms ""

my try""La clef de la réduction temps des coûts et du déploiement durant la construction et le développement des scénarios est la provision des mécanismes ""

thank you
  • Wow.:( I'm trying to figure out what on earth build out and scale out scenarios look like in practice.... and I can't imagine.
    Your French version sounds good to me; but does it say the same thing as the original? :confused:
    thank you liulia, anyway im absolutely as confused as you i don't know what to do
    may be i will not translate those two weird words""build out & scale out""
    i have to keep them like that

    ok thanks again
    may be i will not translate those two weird words""build out & scale out""

    Not a good thing for me who just found "build-out" in a sentence and I'm not sure how to translate this... :
    "Phase 1 is planned to be opened in 2009 with build-out by 2012"

    "La phase 1 du projet doit commencer en 2009, avec en 2012... " Je suppose la fin des travaux ou la mise en service du projet mais les 2 ne coïncident pas forcément...

    What is this "build-out" word ? I wonder.
    Better late than never - cf. wikipedia

    Every business has its own jargon and the commercial real estate business is no exception. Many office and retail buildings start out with tenant spaces consisting of little more than four walls and a door. The idea is that the spaces will be finished to meet the specific needs of each tenant.

    The process of finishing this raw space is known as the "build-out." There can be extensive negotiations between the building owner (landlord) and the tenant over:

    (1) What improvements will be made?

    (2) Who will pay for these improvements?

    (3) Who will be in charge of getting the work done?

    (4) What will the tenant be permitted (or required) to remove at the end of the lease?