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Hello, everyone:

These were the instructions that I gave to my daughter when she played lego blocks with her friend Lily:
1. Can you build these blocks to a tower that looks like Lily's tower? :tick:
2. Can you build these blocks to the way Lily's tower is ? :confused:

I know #1 is correct. Does #2 sound good or odd ?
If it sounds good, is #2 similar to #1 ? (I know they are not exactly same)

Thank you.
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    Can I also say "You can build these blocks in the way Lily built them." ?
    The first problem: You have to be very careful with your phrasing. You can build/make the blocks into a tower, but you cannot just build the blocks. That sounds like you mean to create the blocks themselves.
    The second problem: "Them" refers back to these blocks. You have to take Lily's tower apart to use "them (these blocks)." - or - Lily didn't use these blocks so Lily didn't build a tower with them.
    The third problem: "In the same way" is using the same manner/method/techniques. You could copy the way Lily used the blocks to build a house instead of a tower.
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