building up of an <integral personality>

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Here are some words from the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover(page 63, Chapter Five) by DH Lawrence (planetebook,here):
(background: Clifford and Connie were going around in their wood. Clifford suggested Connie have a son with another man,who should be from upper-class. Connie was shocked and Clifford continued……)

‘……Don’t you think one can just subordinate the sex thing to the necessities of a long life? Just use it, since that’s what we’re driven to? After all, do these temporary excitements matter? Isn’t the whole problem of life the slow building up of an integral personality(i.e, be a father or mother), through the years? living an integrated life(i.e, have a spouse and a child)?.……’

What does integral personality mean please? I suspect it is similar to integrated life.
Thank you in advance
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    It's on page 65.
    It has the usual meaning of 'integrate' - to make a whole from different parts, used in different ways. A 'whole' personality and a 'whole' life.

    I can't think what difference there might be between 'integral' and 'integrated' for translation purposes. Explaining the difference in English, is quite complicated, and might cause more problems of understanding that it would be worth, although somebody else might have greater insight than I do.
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