built-in chandelier

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Dear all,
this from the sketch 'An Apartment House Anthology' (chapter 'A Mean Eye for Freak News') by Dorothy Parker.

As they sit about the grained-oak table in the glow of the built-in chandelier Mr. Cuzzens will read aloud some such fascinating bit of current history as the announcement of the birth, in Zanesville, Ohio, of a calf with two heads, both doing well.

The meaning of a built-in refrigirator (wardrobe) is clear: its door lies in the same plane as the wall (of, say, the room). What foxes me is that googling "built-in chandelier" yields ordinary chandeliers fastened to the ceiling. Could you explain please?
  • velisarius

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    If the house is stylish, I think it could be a chandelier (not necessary the classic chandelier with crystal prisms) that was designed especially for that house, and installed as a fixture - rather than a store-bought item.
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