Built-in closet vs Walk-in Closet

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Built-in closet vs Walk-in closet

Is there any difference between these terms? As far as I know, a "built-in closet" can have enough space to walk into it.

Thanks :)
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    'built-in' means that the closet has been designed and built to fit in a particular space within an existing room. It is an antonym of 'free-standing'. There is no indication in the name of whether you can walk-inside it.

    A walk-in closet is a small room with a doorway and proper flooring.


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    Yes, in my experience, you usually can't walk into a built-in wardrobe/closet.

    This is a typical built-in wardrobe and this is a walk-in wardrobe.


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    In American English, we generally no longer use the word "closet" for closets that aren't "built-in" - set in the wall. We consider those things furniture - armories, wardrobes, etc. "Built-in closet" seems like a redundancy to me. All the things that I refer to as closets are built into the wall.
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