built-in quadspeed fax modem

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When Sophie makes wisecracks, she thinks she sounds sophisticated, but instead she sounds sophomoric. A few years ago the new IBM laptop with the butterfly keyboard and the built-in quadspeed fax modem seemed the height of computer sophistication.
What does "quadspeed" mean?
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  • heypresto

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    Your topic title is 'quadspeed', you've bolded 'sophisticated' and sophistication', and then asked what 'dissolve' (which isn't in the sentence) means.

    What is your question?

    Uncle Jack

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    "Quad" means four, and for most new uses you need to work out exactly what is meant from how it is used. A quad core processor has four cores, a quadbike has four wheels (not eight, as you might possibly suppose, bicycle itself meaning two wheels :)). Here it clearly means four times the speed, though four times what speed you still need to guess at, presumably it is the usual speed, whatever that may be.
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