Bulgarian: да + perfect form of the verbs

Jan W.

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Is it always used the perfect form of the verbs after да? (excepting съм)
There are two cases:
1) I want to .... (read a book, watch a movie)
2) I want you to ... (give me the book, help me, come with me, talk about ...)

I found: Трябва да тръгвам. = I must go. (тръгбам is the imperfect form)
Видях го да влиза. = I saw him come in. (влиза is the imperfect form)
Искам да знам. = I want to know. (imperfect form)
Искам да говоря за футбол. = I want to talk about football. (soccer) (говоря imperfect form)
Искам да живея = I want to live! (imperfect form)
Искам да знаеш че .... . = I want you to know that ... . (imperfect form)
  • miasam

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    It depends on what you mean. The imperfect form is used when you refer to repetitive or unfinished actions, while the perfect form is for a single, completed action.
    For example, "I want to work in a bank" - Искам да работя в банка, work/работя is something that happens for some period of time
    "I want to close the door" - Искам да затворя вратата, I can just close the door once.
    Not sure if I made it clear enough :D