Bulgarian: злепоставяния


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How would you translate the word злепоставяния in the following context?

Този похват се простира от привидно невинни подмятания до брутални характеристики, инсинуации и злепоставяния.

The sentence was translated as

This technique ranges from seemingly innocent hints to brutal labels, insinuations of shortcomings, and discreditation.

A reviewer indicated that "aspersions" should be used instead of "discreditation."

Google Translate gave me "misery," which didn't seem to make sense at all, but it did ask if I meant злепоставяне, and when I clicked that, it gave me "defamation" which makes much more sense. This leads me to suspect that maybe there was a typo in the original, that both the translator and the reviewer caught?

"Defamation" is closer to "aspersions," and both are stronger than "discreditation." Is the reviewer right?

How would you translate or explain the term in this context?

  • Hachi25

    I believe there is no typo in the original. Злепоставяния is the plural form of злепоставяне, and Google Translate is obviously having problems with that.

    But your reviewer is right, although discreditation could be considered correct, it's too mild for what is meant here. I'd support aspersions or defamations as good solutions, or, if you insist on something else, I'd recommend something like defilement. What you choose in the end should depend upon the rest of the translated text.