Bulgarian: което vs каквото


Hi everyone, and thank you for all of your answers to my many questions about the Bulgarian language so far :)

I am wondering about the use of което vs каквото in sentences such as:

Какво търсиш? - Това е което/каквото търся.
Какво каза той? - Това е което/каквото каза.

Since the question uses какво, I would expect the answer to definitely use каквото.
I'm told that каквото can be used, but that което sounds better, though I fail to see the logic.
Is there any?
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    Your questions are always thought-provoking. I'm not aware of a rule and I searched with no result.

    My feeling is that което is used with това (това, което, not това, каквото. The latter sounds wrong).


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    I think the logic is that което identifies the thing you're looking for, it pinpoints it, while каквото has more descriptive functions. Makes sense?