Bulgarian: чакам, очаквам

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On the internet and especially under en.wiktionary.org it is very hard to find the perfect form for the bulgarian verbs. (For the bulgarian verb it is not given the perfect form. And the bulgarian language has sometimes three form. For example чета, прочета and прочитам. They means "to read".) Although I found them, there is a problem when I have to use them.
For example I found чакам and очаквам. I suppose that there's a difference between the two verbs as in English between " to wait for" and "to expect for".
(чакам = to wait for • очаквам = to expect for). What is the perfect form for чакам and for очаквам?

I wait for your opinions.

P.S.: Sorry, I didn't know that sentences are not translated. I just gave some examples thinking that maybe I can help.
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    изчак(в)ам, дочак(в)ам

    Without being a grammar expert, I think these are the perfect forms for those verbs.


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    чакам - imperfective aspect;
    изчакам - perfective aspect;
    изчаквам - imperfective aspect;

    чакам - imperfective aspect;
    дочакам - perfective aspect;
    дочаквам - imperfective aspect;

    чакам - imperfective aspect;
    причакам - perfective aspect;
    причаквам - imperfective aspect;

    - imperfective aspect;
    очакам - perfective aspect, not used;
    очаквам - imperfective aspect;

    :idea: Generally, the prefixed verbs often shift their meaning.
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