Bulgarian - diminutive form of a name


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Could anybody please provide me some diminutive forms of my name? (Originally, in Bulgarian it'd be Доротея)
But I mainly use Дори or Дорци as a nickname, but I'd like to know if there are some more variations of these two? :)

For example: (From Дедислава->) Деси -> Десито
I'm especially looking for something similar to this -to ending, I find it really cute sounding. Hope it can be formed with my name aswell! :D

Thank you so much in advance!
  • DarkChild

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    Дори, Дорито, Дорчето, Дорка.
    Доротейка, Доротейче, Доротейчето.

    The -то endings (which is the definite article) are used in the 3rd person, when talking about someone, not when addressing them.

    Дорци isn't something I'd come up with but it can work, I guess.