Bulgarian: is срещам reflexive?


Hi everyone,

I am a bit confused by the reflexive nature of срещам (whether it is used with the "се" particle or not).

I have seen the following sentences:

- На улицата срещнах колегата си - not reflexive
- Накрая, тя не искаше повече да се срещаме - reflexive
- Никога не сме го срещали - not reflexive
- Иска ми се да не бях се срещал с това момче - reflexive

My hunch is that it is reflexive only when followed by the "с" preposition, or when used intransitively.

In fact, I'm also realizing now that I'm not very clear on the usage of the "с" preposition, which seems optional...

If my theory is correct, then those modified sentences should be correct as well?

- На улицата се срещнах с колегата си
- Никога не сме срещали него
- Никога не се сме срещали с него
- Иска ми се да не бях срещал това момче

  • DarkChild

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    Срещам means to encounter.
    Срещам се means to meet, have a meeting, but also to date someone.
    The first one is more of a randomly ocvuring event, while the other is more habitual and deliberate.

    So, the second set of sentences is still correct albeit with a slightly different meeting.

    Keep in mind that both се and си not only express that the action is done upon oneself but actually change the meaning of the verb.


    Thank you, that's very clear!

    And is it correct then that "срещам се" is used with the "c" preposition, but "срещам" is not?