Bulgarian: placement of the subject in questions


I am a bit confused by the placement of the subject (generally, but in particular in questions).
I know that the subject pronoun can usually be omitted, but what if you want to have it?

Ти къде отиваш?
Куде отиваш ти?

I'm told the second one is used but may not be grammatically correct?

What about the sentence:
Той тук ли е?
Тук ли е той?

I'm not sure if the second one is correct here, but it seems that if you use a noun instead of a pronoun, then it's ok?
Тук ли е момчето?

Or even, having the subject in the middle of the sentence:
Яде ли той месо?

Are there any rule for this?

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  • DarkChild

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    None of these is grammatically incorrect. They do have slight differences in meaning as the emphasis falls on various elements.

    Ти къде отиваш? - where are YOU going?
    Къде отиваш ти? - WHERE are you going?


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    DarkChild is right, but the differences in meaning are negligible. I don't even count them as such.