Bulgarian: rule for placing "и" in numbers


I'm a bit confused about where to put the и in numbers. I had a rule, about it being before the last digit but it doesn't really seem to work.

Some confusing examples:

261 - двеста шестдесет и един
260 - двеста и шестдесет
306,000 - триста и шест хиляди
326,567 - триста двадесет и шест хиляди петстотин шестдесет и седем

What is the exact rule?

Thank you!
  • Awwal12

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    Judging on your examples, I'd suppose placing "и" before the last part of a morphological compond (which can be from 21 to 999, it works pretty much the same in all Slavic languages). In, say, 326,567 you technically have two elementary compound numerals, one for the separate counting of thousands (326, followed exactly by "thousands") and another for counting units (567), with the whole expression ultimately connected by adposition.


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    This is what I found on internet:

    The conjunction и (i) (and) is added between the second and the third member of each group of three digits.


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    Hm but that rule doesn't work for "Триста и петдесет", for instance.
    Because that definition obviously should sound like "...of three non-zero digits, and..." :)
    I'd formulate that as "before the last numeral word in a continuous row, with words for thousands and larger numbers being excluded and breaking the row".