Bulgarian: usage of the long dative personal pronouns


Hi everyone,

According to my grammar books, the dative clitics like "ми" are short for long forms like "на мен".
So it seems to me that most, if not all sentences should work with one аnd the other.

However I am often told be natives that the long forms don't sound right. For example:

Те са ни дали пари
Те са дали пари на нас

I've been told that the second one is plain incorrect, but I don't see anything grammatically wrong with it.
I've also been told that the second sentence could be made correct by adding an extra short dative pronoun:

Те са ни дали пари на нас

I've read about clitic doubling, but I'm not sure if that's what it is, and in any case I don't see why it would be necessary in this case.

Any insights?

  • DarkChild

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    Of course there is nothing wrong with the sentence. It's totally correct. Use of the pronouns is a matter of stylistic choice. It's hard to formulate a rule. In general, the longer pronouns can be used for emphasis.
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