bulimic / anorexic/ continental /insomniac [with article?]

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Hello there,

I know that you use the article before Catholic, Protestant, vegetarian, optimist:

She is a Catholic, She is an optimist etc

Does the same apply for "bulimic/anorexic/continental/ insomniac"?

Can I say:

A) She 's a continental (European)
B) She's a bulimic
C) She's an insomniac
D) She's an anorexic

Is it possible to leave out the article with one of these?

Thank you for your help
  • Bender_Bending_Rodriguez

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    You need it for A and C. For B and D they can be nouns or adjectives so it doesn't matter if you say a/an or not, but I think it's more common to use those words as adjectives (so "she's bulimic" and "she's anorexic").
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