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From TV series<Future Man>,
I think it's a slogan for a sanitary towel. And Ultra-Max is the name of the brand.
Ultra-Max: The bulk-free blood diaper you never have to remove.
I want to know what "bulk free" means here, I've looked it up but still don't understand.
Thank you.
  • Barque

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    It means, literally, "free of bulk", i.e. not bulky. And possibly it has a design or uses certain materials that makes you feel it doesn't get as heavy as others after use.
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    I assume that by 'bulk' they mean the cotton (or whatever) filling. This kind of thing: (this is ceramic fibre bulk, but there are different kinds of bulk, for example cotton bulk):

    Without this the pad is bulk-free (there's no bulk so it isn't bulky).

    Edit. Sorry I can't paste the image for some reason. Try googling 'cotton bulk' and you'll see what I mean.
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