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    Hello ninya,

    Here is the definition of "bulk" from the Wordreference dictionary

    bulk /bʌlk/n
    • volume, size, or magnitude, esp when great
    • the main part: the bulk of the work is repetitious
    • a large body, esp of a person
    • the part of food which passes unabsorbed through the digestive system
    • in bulk ⇒ in large quantities
    • (of a cargo, etc) unpackaged
    • http://www.wordreference.com/definition/bulk

    My guess is that the second definition is the one you want.

    It is difficult to give a full answer without full context.
    Where did you find this?
    Who wrote it?
    What is the rest of the sentence?

    Please let us know - Thanks.

    ninya khachiuri

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    Thank you so much, well I find it in my course book.There was a short story about Wikipedia website, Here the contex is : " the bulk of it done by a hard-core group of around 1.00 volunteers".
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