bull cut to her

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A little black Lesbian with a bull cut to her was playing pool with an old Italian, a sort of working type
Richard Brautigan. Atlantisburg

Will someone tell me what the constraction means..
Thank you and Happy New year to everybody
  • Edinburgher

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    The word "cut" is sometimes used in the expression "I like the cut of her jib", which comes from sailing ships. A jib is kind of sail, and is constructed by sewing together strips of cloth which have first been literally cut to the right shape. The cut of a sail means its design, which can be a thing of beauty in the eyes of those who understand them. When a sailor says "I like the cut of her jib", he is usually commenting on the beauty of a ship, not of a sail (a ship is a "she"), but he might also be talking about a beautiful woman. However, the expression isn't always just about look and appearance, it can easily refer to more general admiration of someone's style, behaviour, gumption, achievement, etc.
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