bulldog rush

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Dear all,
this is from The King's War, by Mark Logue and Peter Conradi. The scene is Beechgrove, Great Britain in 1940.

The following Wednesday, Lionel and Myrtle came home after film and dinner to hear the sound of rushing water when they were still twenty yards away from home. 'Lionel did a bulldog rush, bellowing "main burst" and sure enough that it was in three places...'

I guess did a bulldog rush means he rushed forward headlong, some rugby term, but when I google bulldog rush and see pictures there is nothing of the kind. Could you please explain please?
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    I'm pretty sure it is a reference to the game British Bulldog where players have to make a dash at top speed to evade being caught by the 'bulldogs'.

    Each round is usually initiated by the bulldog(s) chanting and goading, often naming a player to be the first to attempt the run from one home area to the other. In some versions all of the non-bulldogs rush across at once, in others this rush is triggered, either by the bulldog(s) or by the named player. Once players are out of the home area the bulldog(s) can attempt to 'catch' them; caught players become bulldogs as well.
    British Bulldog (game) - Wikipedia
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