Bullet points with a mixture of sentences and fragments?

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Hi there,

This is one that always annoys me as nothing seems to look right. I have a document with a number of sets of bullet points. Some are sentences, some are shorter phrases or fragments. If I follow the usual rule of full stops after the sentences and none after the fragments it looks wrong; if I use no full stops for any it looks very bare.


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    I'm in Ireland so my day is just starting! Here's a short example (talking about why they use brand colours):

    • The correct use of colour is essential for great branding.
    • They are to draw the eye to certain areas
    • They can highlight certain areas or text/numbers
    • They help separate sections

    I can't really rewrite the bullets as it's not my work and it's just a general query really about what to do in these cases.

    Thanks again all.


    All of them are sentences, so they would need full stops.
    Maybe I need lessons in what constitutes a sentence!

    How about this:

    • Set up and margins are the same as cover slides
    • Logo size is smaller at 40mm
    • Picture area is replaced by text


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    I'll offer my opinion again, in longer form: a consistent look to your document is better than following a "rule" that leaves your document looking strange.

    Most people won't notice that your fragments, if you have any, have full stops and think that they shouldn't.
    A few people will point out that you've full-stopped them "incorrectly."
    Englightened people will understand why you've used full stops for everything.
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