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  1. Ihsiin

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    I was watching a subtitled video on YouTube the other day, and what sounded like kharta was subtitled as "bullshit". Can anyone please identify this word?
    I am intrigued because the Arabic word خريط (verb: خرط) has a very similar meaning and I wonder about a relation.

    For reference, the video is called "First seminar in USA Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak most ingenious" and the word appears at 7 minutes.

    Thank you.
  2. tFighterPilot Senior Member

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    It's a borrowing from Arabic, simple as that.
  3. bazq Senior Member

    Yes, this is a loanword from Arabic.
    Originally the word "kharta" was loaned, and then a new root was extracted from it (probably because the root kh-r-t already exists in Hebrew in a different meaning) by doubling the last latter: kh-r-t-t
    So you have a verb in the pi'el pattern:
    khirtet (he "buillshited"/ "made up some nonesense or lies"
    lekhartet (infinitive)
    khirtut (gerund)
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  5. arbelyoni Senior Member

    The word is חרטא (or חרטה), and the source is Arabic indeed.
    There's also a verb - חרטט, and a wider expression with the same meaning - חרטה ברטה.
  6. Ihsiin

    Ihsiin Senior Member

    Thank you all for your prompt responses.
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