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Merhaba everybody !
I must say that my one trip to Turkey was that kind of once in a life time experience! Starting with the people and finishing with ..well..also the people:)).
I am trying to learn Turkish and I also tried this while my days there, but I must say my friends learned easier Romanian than me Turkish :) That`s why I made this topic (which I hope is not THAT silly :)) ) because I came back home not only with uncountable memories but also with big peaces of music,f ood and history culture in my pockets. :)
Here is my song, if anyone has the time and the patience to translate it for me I would be very grateful because it`s the song that a friend of mine there sang it to me in the night before leaving. I tried to make him, at first, translate it to me, but he said I have to do it on my own :)
I know this is not really the "on my own" method but ..

Sözlerimi geri alamam
Yazdığımı yeniden yazamam
Çaldığımı baştan çalamam
Br daha geri dönemem
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  • Not a poetic one maybe... but well it's not really my area anyway. Here's what it says:

    I can't take back what I've said*
    I can't rewrite what I've written
    I can't play what I've played all over again
    I can't turn back once again

    *söz: also means "lyrics"
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    very nice song, I fell in love with this song when I've heard it for the first time. after that friends told me that the lyrics are very meaningful. And first strophe translation is very nice and poetic :) can someone translate the rest part of this song?

    Akıyorsa göz yaşım kurumasın
    Coşup seven gönlümse durmasın
    Dost bildik anılarım çağırmasın
    Bir daha geri dönemem

    Hiçbir kere hayat bayram olmadı ya da
    Her nefes alışımız bayramdı
    Bir umuttu yaşatan insanı
    Aldım elime sazımı

    Yine aşınca çayın suyu boyunu
    Belki yeniden karşıma çıkacaksın
    Gözgöze durup bakınca göreceğiz
    Neyiz ve nerelerdeyiz
    Bilemiyoruz şimdi