bumpy cruise


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Hello, I was wondering if the sentence "We had a bumpy cruise", meaning not a smooth cruise, is correct. I know a flight or ride can be "bumpy", but what about a cruise?
  • Uncle Jack

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    I think "bumpy" works fine in the context. The sea was rough, but "rough" has other meanings when it comes to accommodation and holidays in general, so there is a mild risk of it being misunderstood. If you changed the sentence to make it clear that you are referring particularly to the sailing, then "rough" is fine: "We had a rough passage to Le Havre", for example.


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    Turbulence in the air can feel like going over bumps in the road. Since you don't have that on a cruise, I'd take it metaphorically and assume that there were lots of minor problems (the buffet ran out of shrimp) rather than the seas were choppy.
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