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what do you native speakers understand under bungalow? I thought it to be a house story, that is, without stairs, but in a book I am translating it seems to have a second floor. Is it possible or am I getting it completly wrong?
In the context it says: "...Except that the house (a bungalow in other pages) was in Pompey and they could only afford the top half of it."

Many thanks in advance
  • Harry Batt

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    Lucibelle, welcome to the forum. Bungalow is a word emigrated from India, meaning exactly a one-storey house. I suppose it is possible that somebody who wanted extra room could have added a second storey and continued to call the structure a bungalow.


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    I would not expect a bungalow to have two storeys - strictly speaking :)
    HERE is a bungalow.
    But many buildings with a low roof that are called bungalows also have rooms upstairs - like THIS.
    Or even upstairs and downstairs - like THIS.

    I think to call THIS a bungalow is stretching the definition much too far.


    Spain - Catalan / Spanish
    Thank you all for your help and your photos!! It's a big help!

    However, now I don't quite understand how you "cant afford the top half of it". In the sentence I propose, do you understand that they wanted to have a second floor, they couldnt afford a whole one and just had a room upstairs instead?
    I repeat the sentence for your help: "Except that the house was on Pompey (= Portsmouth) and they could only afford the top half of it."

    Thousand thanks


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    ewie, do you mean that a loft has been added? Or, was that addition featured with the bungalow originally?
    Hi Harry. No, the loft is the space above the ceiling of the ground (and only) floor but below the pitched roof. We access it using a ladder, via a hole in the bathroom ceiling. It's big enough to stand up in in the middle, but bloody cold.
    ~ ewie;)
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