bungle the exam

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Context and Background:

Someone told me she's going to take a test but she's very nervous. She can't control herself regardless of what her friends say. She told me because the exam is very important for her! And yesterday we had the following dialog:

-I bungled the exam.
-Sorry to hear that!

You Might Wonder:

Since I know the reason (nervous), I didn't ask her why she failed the exam.


I wonder if "I bungled the exam" sounds natural. And if I want to give some an advice, can I say something like "If you feel nervous when taking a test, you might bungle it."


I think it sounds weird and I have many different answers. But I also want to learn how to use this word.

Thanks a lot.
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    I associate "bungle" with jobs, not examinations ... as does our Random House (AE) dictionary: bungle. But Parla seems happy enough with it, and I imagine there are other AE speakers who won't be bothered.


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    Like Copyright, I expect people to 'bungle' tasks -- either practical ones, or social ones.
    I wouldn't use it when I was talking about success or failure on a test.
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