Buona la prima!


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Hello folks!
I'm looking for a correct English translation of "Buona la prima!", or something else that sounds like this.
I would like to use this expression as a title of a news paper article, referring to the first win of a team in the championship. Of course that's a sentence taken from a motion-picture context and I don't know if it's used in other contexts such as sports.
Thank you for your help!
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    avrei bisogno anch'io di una traduzione per "buona la prima" ma a me servirebbe il termine cinematografico!
    Grazie a tutti!
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    In the film industry, I believe they say "That's a take". But this doesn't refer to the first "take". I don't know if there's a specific term which corresponds to the Italian expression (although I have a feeling there is one, but I can't think of it right now).


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    OK, ma non si dice. Nel senso che è una frase che possiamo coniare; ma non è "la" frase che si usa nel "gergo" (cioè nel campo specifico), e quindi non ha la stessa "fixity" e "riconoscibilità".

    According to wiki you can say a one-take here, or as an adjective in one-take Watson here,

    So buona la prima would be it's a one-take! I'd wait for a film buff though..