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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by luneave, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. luneave New Member

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    A girl I was chatting with wrote "buona notte bello...".

    I know buona notte means goodnight and wondered why bello was added. I am not sure what interpretation to put on it, whether it was a reference to me or whether it simply meant a beautiful good night.

    We have become close so either interpretation would be possible.

  2. Salegrosso Senior Member

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    Welcome to the Forum, Luneave!

    If every interpretation would be possible, you could choose the best one... ;)

    Bello is rather usual in greetings, and the meaning is beautiful, nothing else. Here the subject of bello are you, not the good night.

    Waiting for other opinion.
  3. audia Senior Member

    Normally in English we dont say beautiful to men. I think in Italian bello is not only to describe the appearance or is it only for the appearance?
  4. federicoft Senior Member

    Bello here has the same meaning as the English baby. Bello as a noun is a tender epithet usually used addressing a child, between lovers, close friends and so on (even ironically).
  5. Emma Neve

    Emma Neve Senior Member

    I agree with Federicoft.
    "ciao bello/a" is a very common expression and there insn't necessarily a sexual undertone attached.

    I could say "ciao bella/o" to a (close) friend, either a girl or a guy.

    Of course, it's something nice/intimate to say.

    I think in English you could say "night dear", "night pal"...

    Hope that helps a little.


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