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    Please,can you explain me what suffix 'sı' mean in those words: bura,şura and orası?

    Really don't understand it

    Thank you in advance :)
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    I think it means something like "its/his/her own". I think it's got the same meaning when you say ora, şura, bura.
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    Romanian / Moldova
    Burası/orası/şurası has two meanings:

    1 - "this/that part of it"
    example: Burası temizlendi / Eteğin burası temizlendi = This part of it was cleaned / This part of the skirt (this area here) was cleaned.

    The construction is bura (this place) + ı (partitive suffix - indicates that we are talking about a part or a portion of "bura") = burası ("s" is a phonetic connector like "s" in "Ali'nin arabası") .

    2 - The second and much more common meaning of "burası/orası/şurası" is simply "this/that place", like "bura/ora/şura". The difference from the latter is that a word like "bura/şura/ora" without a suffix has a very strong connotation as referring to a region of indefinite boundaries around an abstract point in space (you will very rarely see "bura..." without a suffix used anywhere, they just provide the root for such words as "burada, oradan, şuraya etc.)). When one talks about "this place/that place" one mentally separates it in some way from its surroundings, and my guess is that this is exactly what the "-ı" in "burası" indicates.

    "Burası hastane" - This place is a hospital.
    "Orası neresi?" - "What is that place?"

    My advice: don't worry to much about the logic behind this particular suffix - it is a very special case with many potential explanations.
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    To communicate in a more particular place and sense of location then as in English we have to be more precise. This precision in Turkish is accomplished by using the suffix -i or -si ; in other words ‘ its ‘. By adding this suffix it becomes more precise in the Turkish Language.

    Just to add; this would therefore mean - burasi - right here, surasi - right there and orasi - right over there...
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