Bureau des etudiants

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  1. Hesper New Member

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    The French use the term "bureau des etudiants" or BDE to describe the group of students who organize student extra-curricula activities: weekends, outings etc. In British English does "Student's Union" translate this idea? In American English what term is used? Thank you for your ideas.
  2. pyan

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    Yes, it is Students' Union in British English. I can't speak for American English.

    You can also have societies and clubs, which can be part of the Union or separate from it.
  3. mignardise Senior Member

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    We say either "Student Body", "Student Council" or "Student Union", depending on the school. They are all pretty much the same thing.

    Societies and clubs are more specific, such as the Honors Society, or the Math Club, etc.
  4. Hesper New Member

    France English
    Thanks very much for your quick and helpful replies.

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