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A rainstorm hit the night before the opening ceremony.
The tent collapsed and everything had to be replaced, but thank God by 9am it went unnoticed.
We also faced bureaucratic challenges, but the authorities were supportive and worked with us.
We negotiated good social security terms for EQUATE employee pensions and we were the first oil company to arrange employee medical insurance.

Does "bureaucratic" mean in this specific context "organisational challenges"?

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    Please tell us your source.

    Bureaucratic challenges are problems with the bureaucracy, e.g. having the right permits, meeting fire safety regulations, ensuring crowd size doesn't exceed a certain number of people, etc.

    (It's a bit confusing to have EQUATE in capital letters for this question.) :)

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    Where did you find this?

    It includes an odd shift of topics from a single opening ceremony to the complex negotiation of pensions and insurance. The bureaucracy could refer to one or both of these very different things.
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