Burgle a bank

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Hello everyone!

I know we can 'rob a bank' (use violence to steal) and 'break into a bank', but is it possible to 'burgle a bank'? I'd imagine that as a covert action which happens when no one is watching.
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    I don't think "burgle" is humorous in BrE.

    It doesn't collocate with "bank", however.


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    I’ve never heard the word burgle used in relation to a bank robbery.

    I think there is a close historical association with "housebreaking" and so burglary also tends to be associated with domestic property.

    mass noun
    The action of breaking into a building, especially in daytime, to commit a crime. In 1968 it was replaced as a statutory crime (in England and Wales only) by burglary.

    housebreaking | Definition of housebreaking in English by Oxford Dictionaries
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