Burmese: ပျဉ်းမနား (pronunciation)


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I've seen some sources transcribing ပျဉ်းမနား (Pyinmana, a city name) as [pjɪ̀ɴməná], with the grave accent representing the normal low pitch, and the acute accent representing the long high pitch. I'd like to ask if that transcription is correct and, if so, why it wouldn't be pronounced as [pjɪ́ɴməná] since the syllables ပျဉ်း and နား are marked with the same diacritic (◌း).

Thank you in advance.
  • J.F. de TROYES

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    I think this Roman transcription of the tone is wrong. The two-dot symbol always marks a high-pitch syllabe , more exactly a high falling tone ; so, ပျဉ်းမနား must be transcribed [pjɪ̀ɴmənà].
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