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I've tried transliterating my name phonetically into Burmese script and I was wondering if the result is acceptable (image attached). My name is Lionel, which is pronounced /'laɪnəw/ (I don't know IPA all that well but I think that's closest to how I pronounce it myself).

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    I think your transliteration is relevant, but Iam not a native neither a scholar, just someone taking a keen interest in Burmese. The point is how to close the first syllable in order to get the diphtong /aɪ/.

    Using -က် results in a glottal stop sounding as a split between both syllables ; so - င် seems better to me to, as it just adds a nasalisation of the diphtong.

    The best would be to ask your question to Burmese natives. Maybe you could try on
    Search Results for “burmese script” – Fifty Viss


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    That was my thinking, and as the second syllable begins with /n/, the nasalisation would barely be noticeable. But as I'm new to Burmese and even newer to Burmese script, I'm not certain. Thanks for the link!
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