Burping and other digestive disturbances

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    Hi everyone

    Sorry to go into detail but I have to have medical tests this week and am worried about conveying my symptoms in Spanish in a manner that is not vulgar, but correct and clear!

    I need to say something like the following:

    I seem to burp frequently after eating and my abdomen feels bloated. I have episodes of acute nausea combined with headaches and diarrhoea.

    Thank you!
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  2. cholandesa Senior Member

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    I think you're supposed to give it a shot yourself first (forum rules), but you caught me in a good mood, so here we go. ;)

    Tengo erupciones frecuentes después de comer y siento que mi abdomen está hinchado.
    Tengo episodios de nauseas agudas con dolor de cabeza y diarrea.

    Good luck with all that!
  3. Ilialluna

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    Hola. Yo no diría "erupciones" en este contexto. Diría: "Erupto con frecuencia después de comer y siento el abdomen hinchado. Tengo (episodios de) náuseas agudas junto con dolores de cabeza y diarrea".
  4. Kouklamou

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    Hola and sorry I didn't realise I had to try first - it was my first post. ¡Muchas gracias! and very much appreciated.

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