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I am watching "The Great British Bake off" and there is a line that I don't understand.
In a scene, when all the challenges are over, the judges and the participants hug each other.
And the one of the participants who won starbaker twice in a row says to the judge,
"I've already got a burst eardrum from last week."

Does this mean figurative or literal.
Would someone explain please?

Thank you!
  • SwissPete

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    It's figurative. He won the previous week, and there were probably loud shouts of joy and congratulations.


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    It looks like SwissPete is right.

    Someone has said something very loudly or right next to the person making the statement. They are figuratively joking that the noise last week was enough to burst one of their eardrums, and that this week the same thing has happened.

    The transcript shows that while they are hugging, literally one second before the person mentions a burst eardrum, someone exclaims (probably loudly and right in their ear) "Well done!"

    Well done!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0:56:39 0:56:40
    I've already got a burst eardrum from last week! 0:56:40 0:56:43

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