burst into color

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Burst into color this season with the hottest looks from over 330 stores at ABC Mall. Floating fabrics, beautiful prints and bright colours are all on display. Visit from 12 to 31 March to receive a MOP100 gift certificate or free gift when you spend MOP5,000 or more.

This is a promotional message of a shopping mall.
I have problem understanding the underlined part.

what "burst into color" means. It seems to be idiomatic.
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  • tepatria

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    You are right, it is definitely idiomatic advertising language. They want people to make a huge impression on others when they arrive on the scene in their colorful new clothes. The word burst is supposed to convey excitement and vitality I guess. To me it is a bit of an overstatement - but then, most advertising is.


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    'Burst into colour' is a phrase you might use of flowers in the spring - or 'burst into bloom' - it implies a sudden flowering and transformation from something drab and dull. 'Hot' in this context means sexy, exciting or very much up-to-the-minute and fashionable so the metaphor is all related to springtime and renewal.


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    It sounds idiomatic to me—for advertising copy. The writer is saying that consumer can burst into color—as a flower would, as BF suggests—if they buy these products.
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