burst into <little wild sobs>


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Here are some words from the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover(page 429, chapter 19) by DH Lawrence (planetebook,here):
(background: Connie's letter gave Clifford a heavy blow, saying she would leave Clifford. So Clifford sat up in bed, blank and ghastly like a statue. Mrs Bolton thought he was having hysteria…)

So Mrs Bolton began to weep first. She covered her face with her hand and burst into little wild sobs. ‘I would never have believed it of her ladyship, I wouldn’t!’ she wept, suddenly summoning up all her old grief and sense of woe, and weeping the tears of her own bitter chagrin.

I know wild=mad. But the little is a little strange to me. I presume it means low, used to modify the sound of sobs.
Am I right please?
Thank you in advance
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    Wild in this context means uncontrolled.

    It's hard to imagine how sobs can be little/short and uncontrolled.


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    every sob took her a short time

    Something that is wild is usually loud and long (like wild shouting). So having something short also be wild is hard to imagine.