Gabriel Malheiros

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Portuguese - Brazil
What are the correct phrases?

"Can a plastic bottle of coke burst in my lugage?"
"Can a plastic bottle of coke pop in my luggage?"
"Can a plastic bottle of coke explode in my luggage?"

"The handle on my suitcase burst/popped?

Thank you
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    Perhaps use "burst" – avoid "explode." :)

    Added: In searching, I found that there is seldom a problem because cargo holds are generally pressurized, just like the cabin. But I would put things in serious Ziplock bags.
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    Keith Bradford

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    To burst is to break outwards due to inner pressure, or a puncture (which is why your suitcase handle is very unlikey to burst!). Footballs, car tyres, cola bottles and tomatoes can burst.
    To explode is to burst very violently, or to burst because of highly inflammable chemicals. A bomb, a champagne bottle, a windscreen in a car accident can explode.
    To pop is to burst in a very minor way. A child's balloon, a pod of peas or a pimple can pop.