Bursting at the seams


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It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep. Because my dreams are bursting at the seams.
(From 'Fireflies' lyrics by Owl city.)
What does "burst at the seams" mean ? And what does "My dreams are bursting at the seams" mean?

thank you very much;)
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    In a literal sense, something made of fabric is bursting at the seams when it's holding more than it's designed for.
    If you put 11 pounds of sand into a 10-pound sandbag, then the bag's seams will be strained by the excess.

    The song's author appears to be saying that he enjoys sleeping because he has a lot of dreams, perhaps more than his head can hold.


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    Hi everyone.
    Does this idiom also mean "very happy"?

    You should've seen her, she was bursting at the seams, she was very happy.

    The context is from "Effortless English podcast"


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    That should be fine. Bursting at the seams just means full/overflowing/about to burst beyond its limitations. You could literally be bursting at the seams because your pants are way too small for your waistline, or you could be bursting at the seams because you're overfilled with a strong emotion.


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    burst at the seams

    • to be filled up to the brim
    • to be handling something which is beyond the normal capacity
    Source: theidioms.com

    The etymology will help in remembering this phrase:

    The origination is speculated to be from the 17th century when women wore corsets. The women who chose not to would be subjected to banter about the seams of their dresses.

    Source: theidioms.com
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