bursting out of the gate


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This is football (soccer). I don't understand the phrase "bursting out of the gate" here. Could you please explain?

62' What a disaster this is turning into for Sunderland. In a game which many were calling a must-win, they came bursting out of the gate to jump out to a two-goal lead, but a lapse in concentration at the stroke of half-time and a sending off have seen their advantage disintegrate! Sunderland 2 - 2 West Ham United LIVE Commentary - 10/3/15 Premier League - Goal.com
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    "breaking the gates open" ... sort of like at the horse races, when horses "burst out of the gate".


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    In the beginning of the match they were chomping at the bit (like a horse, bursting out of a gate).

    With that energy, they went up 2-0.
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