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    I have following text in Mongolian Buryat language and I have to prepare phonetic transcription of it:

    Buruu dutuu xazagai duudaxamn'i
    Ug garwal zalruulaarai
    Xazagai buruu duudwal
    Xaan garwal zalruulaarai

    Could anyone help me solving some of my problems:

    - how should I transcribe "r" as voiced or voiceless uvular fricative (ʁ/χ), or rather stop (q/ɢ)?
    - should be vowels in "ai" pronounced separately or together?
    - does apostrophe in duudaxamn'i mean palatalization?
    - how should I transcribe "l" in different positions: as palatalized or not?

    Thanks for all your help in advance!

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